How does Flexy work?

If you see a job which catches your eye, you can "register your interest". The system will then match you to jobs, based on the jobs you’ve registered interest in, your skills and previous work experiences, and also your personality profile. If the system has successfully matched you to a job, you will receive a notification through the app. 

Your profile will only be visible to Hirers after you have clicked "Yes, I'm Interested" in response to a Job Alert. If you are not interested in the Job Alert, please click "I'm not interested", so the system can tailor future job alerts to match your preferences.

Why am I not getting any matches?

You will be matched with jobs based on the skills and experiences section on the app, and also your job preferences. Please ensure that these sections are regularly updated!

Please also ensure that your profile is completed (this includes updating your personal statement, uploading a profile photo, and completing the personality test).

I've been matched to a job, but I haven't received shift notifications?

After you've been matched with the job, Hirers often like to review profiles before making shifts available to you. 

If you haven't worked for Flexy yet, we would recommend reviewing your Flexy profile. It’s important that your Flexy profile looks professional, as this is what Hirers would use to make a decision on whether they would want to work with you.

What should my Flexy profile look like?

Your Flexy profile is the first impression that Hirers have of you, so it’s really important that you come across as professional in both your personal statement and your profile photo. We would recommend having a personal statement with 2 – 3 short paragraphs, with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes (this indicates a lack of attention to detail!). You can use this to show off your personality and sell yourself to any prospective Hirers. Think of your Flexy profile as a version of your CV: they aim to achieve the same thing, but with a different format!

With regards to a profile photo, we’ve found that a head and shoulders shot against a pale background tends to work best, ensuring you are dressed presentably. This may seem obvious, but please do not use any snapchat filters on your photo – we’re a job app, not social media!

How do I know what jobs are available?

You will receive notifications when new jobs are posted in your area that our system thinks you would be a good match for. Alternatively you can set your search radius within the app and browse through available jobs.

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