How much will I be paid for my shift(s)

Pay rates are displayed alongside the job location details within the app. All basic pay rates will be set at at least the current national minimum wage.

How do I know that I am definitely booked for the shift(s)?

When shifts become available for a job you are matched with, you'll be notified through the app. 

Once you have booked the shifts, you will receive an automated text message and email to confirm that you are booked. You can also view all of your booked shifts on your app's home screen (under My Upcoming Shifts), or the My Shifts section in the Main Menu in the app.

What does it mean when the app says ‘interview required’?

This means that the Hirer wishes to review profiles themselves, and you have been placed on a shortlist. The Hirer will have access to your Flexy profile and contact details, and may decide that they want to call you or invite you in for a face-to-face interview. 

It’s crucial that your Flexy profile is professional and kept updated, as Hirers will make decisions based on your profile.

Why are there no available shifts?

This could mean that the shifts have already been filled, or that the Hirer wants to review profiles before offering shifts. You will receive notifications when new shifts come up. 

What does it mean when the app says ‘booked by another user’?

Unfortunately, our shifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so this means that other users have already booked the shift.

Why do I have to book all the shifts in a block?

The shifts will be posted in a block when the Hirer has specified that they would like the same person to work all the shifts. Please do not book unless you can commit to all shifts.

Can I attend work without a shift booking?

No, Flexy is a shift booking app. You must not attend a shift without having a confirmed booking on Flexy. This is because if you are not booked, we have no agreement from our clients in which to pay you for that shift. It's also really important that we know your whereabouts for health and safety reasons.

What happens when I cancel a shift?

While we understand that emergencies can happen, we take reliability very seriously. If you cancel a shift via the app, the cancellation is logged against your account, and affects your reliability rating on your account. If the shift is cancelled within 48 hours of shift starting, your Flexy account will be automatically suspended, and you will need to go through a lengthy appeals process to get the suspension lifted. Obviously, the same goes for not showing up to a shift.

Is there any flexibility with the shift times?

Generally no, the Hirers will have posted the shifts according to their requirements. If there is flexibility with the shift times, this will be stated in the job description.

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