I've been locked out of my account.

If you've entered your password incorrectly too many times, you will be locked out of your account for an hour. Please reset your password, and then try to log in again with the new password. 

Why can't I check-in?

Please check that you are on a stable internet connection when you attempt to check-in. If this does not work, please send a screenshot of the issue to us via the in-app chat (press "Contact Flexy" in the main menu).

Why can't I check-out?

Please check that you have entered an unpaid break if you are prompted to do so on your timesheet. You will also need to enter a note against your timesheet before you can check out. 

I'm not receiving push notifications.

Please check that you have push notifications for the Flexy App enabled within your phone settings. Note: Our push notifications will not work if you're on Android 5.1 or below.

I'm trying to register but I haven't received an SMS verification code?

Please request the code again, and wait for a few hours for it to come through. Please also try using different formats of your phone number (i.e. 07xxx and +44xxx), and removing any spaces between the numbers.

If it still does not come through, please send us an email to hello@flexy.com, including the mobile phone number you entered and the name of your service provider (e.g. Vodafone or O2).

I can't upload a profile photo.

Please check you have allowed the app access to your camera and gallery. You should originally have seen a pop-up asking for permission to gain access to "photos, media and other files" when you tap 'upload your photo from camera/gallery'. If you deny access in the beginning the app will not be able to proceed further.

Depending on the device you use, you should be able to do this from Settings > Apps > Flexy - Work On Demand > App Permissions. 

If you do have these permissions enabled, please contact us using the Contact Flexy section in your app.

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