When do I get paid?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted accurate timesheets for all hours worked. You will be paid for all approved timesheets 12 days from the end of the week in which you submitted your timesheet to us (Pay-day is always a Friday, except for when the pay-date falls on a bank holiday, in which case you'll receive payment on Thursday instead).  

For example, all approved timesheets received via the app in the week ending Sunday 1st November, 2020, will be paid via bank transfer on Friday 13th November, 2020.  Any approved timesheets received via the app in the week ending Sunday 8th November, 2020 would be paid on the following Friday (20th November) and so on.

As long as we receive your timesheet(s) via the worker app before Sunday at midnight for any hours worked in that preceding week, we will ensure it is validated by the client in time for payment on the expected payment date. If a hirer queries a timesheet that you have submitted, thus causing delays in payment, we will let you know about this via the app.

Please ensure you keep your bank details up to date in the app at all times to ensure there are no issues with payment.

How has my Tax been calculated?

The amount of tax that is deducted each time you’re paid is determined by your tax code. When you join Flexy, you will be asked to complete a starter declaration in the app before your first payment is due. You will be reminded to complete this statement in-app after you have worked your first shift(s). The statement you provide will determine your starting tax code, which is used when you are set up on payroll for the first time. Thereafter, HMRC update us electronically with regard to tax code changes, but if you think the tax code displayed on your payslip is wrong, please call the HMRC employee helpline number below: 

HMRC Employee Helpline: 0300 200 3300

(Please note you should have your National Insurance Number and Flexy’s PAYE reference to hand when you call HMRC - both can be found on your payslip) 

Why do I need to provide my bank details?

We make payments straight into your bank account for the shifts you've worked, so for us to transfer funds to you, we need your account number and sort code. If you provide the wrong details, it will result in late payment.

How can I update my bank details with Flexy?

You can update your bank details directly via the 'My Details' screen in the main menu of your app. Please drop us a line via the 'contact Flexy' option in the main menu to let us know when you've done this so we can ensure we update your details on the payroll system in time for your next payment

Can you pay in to my Building Society account?

Yes, simply select 'Building Society' in the 'My Bank Details' screen at the top and input your Name, Sort Code, Account Number and Roll Number

Why can't I be paid in cash?

So that we can maintain electronic records of payments, we are unable to pay you in cash.

How do I receive my payslips?

Payslips are emailed directly to the email address that you registered your account with. These emails come from our payroll software directly, so please add payslips@brightpay.co.uk to your safe-senders list in your email account to ensure they do not go into your junk email folder. .

Why am I paying pension contributions?

To help people save more for their retirement, all employers are now required by law to provide a workplace pension scheme for certain staff and pay money into it. 

We must enrol any of our staff who meet all of the following criteria: 

  • You earn over £192 per week (or £833 per month)
  • You are aged 22 or over and
  • You are under state pension age

If you have been enrolled into our NEST pension scheme, but wish to opt-out, you will find details advising how to do this in the welcome pack that you'll receive directly from NEST following your enrolment. You can also call NEST directly on 0300 020 0090 if you have any questions related to your pension.

Do I get paid holiday pay?

Yes - we pay holiday pay (12.07%) alongside your basic pay every time you are paid - this will be displayed on your payslip. Please view the job in your app to see the total payment per hour broken down between basic pay and holiday pay. 

I haven't received payment into my account yet, why?

It can take up to 4pm for banks to process payments on payday, depending on who you bank with. If you haven't received payment by 4pm, please check the bank details you provided to us in-app. If you find an error with the details you gave us, please them ASAP in the app and then get in touch with us to let us know what has happened. In some cases, we will need to wait for the bank to return your failed bank transfer before we can attempt to re-submit your payment.

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