I've created my first job - what happens next?

Our system is now using our machine learning algorithm to connect the best possible workers to your job. Depending on how your job is set up, we will be in contact with you when your shifts have been filled, or if you have a shortlist of candidates to review. 

Our workers will all have a completed Flexy profile, so you can log into your Employer Dashboard at any point to have a look!

What happens if an individual behaves inappropriately, poorly performs or is abusive?

We would encourage you to try and resolve any matter like this informally with the individual if you can. If you are not able to, then please send an email to hello@flexy.com and we can look into this matter for you. You should also make use of our “Rating System”

The individual has incorrectly completed a timesheet?

This may be a genuine mistake so you should try to speak with the individual informally if you can. Our processes are designed such that the individual should use the “check in” “check out” functionality which will enable you to assess whether the timesheet is incorrect. If you are unable to resolve the matter, then please send an email to hello@flexy.com.

The individual hasn’t turned up?

We would hope that the individual will inform you through their use of the App if they are going to be unable to turn up on time. In that instance, you should re-post your Job Advert so that another individual can fill the role. You can give feedback for “no-shows” using our “Rating System”.

Are the individuals insured?

No. You need to have professional indemnity insurance in place covering the individuals.

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