Why has my application to join Flexy been unsuccessful?

During your interview we asked you about your experience, skills and the type of work you are looking for. All of these things will be considered when assessing your suitability for the Flexy app and therefore, if your application is rejected then we do not have the right roles for you.   

Unfortunately, due to the high volume of applicants we receive on a daily basis, we are unable to give specific feedback. 

Why has my account been suspended? 

We require all of our workers to be responsibile & reliable at all times. If you arrive late to a shift, cancel a shift within 48hours of the shift start time, or receive negative feedback from one of our Hirers, then your Flexy account will be automatically suspended. 

If your account is suspended, but you wish to appeal this suspension, please complete the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/qc2WxR8X9JQlkK2J2

Please note that we will aim to review your suspended account appeal within 2-4 weeks of receiving it. One of the Flexy team will contact you to discuss your account if there is a possibility of the suspension being lifted.  

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