At Flexy we are proud of our fairness and equality and are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all of our employees and workers. As such we are pleased to publish the below gender pay gap report for 2018.

The below table shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap as of 5th April 2018 - the snapshot date:

   Hourly Rate of Pay    
  Mean     Median  
6.7%      7.6%  

Our total Gender-Pay Gap is well below the national average of just over 18% (, but our gender pay gap is mainly due to the fact that the bulk of our roles in are in the Store Development field. This type of work is associated with a higher rate of pay, but tends to attract males more so than females as it is manual, overnight work.

The pie charts below show the distribution of males and females in each pay quartile:

Females represent the majority of our workers who worked within the appropriate pay period (as per the snapshot date). However we do still have an overall gender pay gap favouring males, as the majority of our roles are in the lower-middle pay quartile. 

The high percentage of females in the lower pay quartile is due to our part-time retail positions. These roles provide flexible hours but at a lower rate, which we've found appeal more to females with family commitments. 


The below table shows our overall mean and median bonus gender pay gap as of 5th April 2018: 

                                                 Mean               Median    
                                              -602.7%            -402.5%  

This result is in favour of females: 4 workers in total received bonus pay, 3 female (75%) and 1 male (25%). All of these workers worked for the same client in a bonus based sales role. 

Our roles are all advertised publicly to both males and females, so the amount of bonus earned is solely dependent on individual performance. We also do not hire or promote hiring dependent on gender, but focus on individual performance and skill set.


As is required by the legislation, this report is drawn from information obtained on and prior to the snapshot date of 5th April 2018 and includes information of both our salary paid in-house employees and our hourly wage paid temporary staff (workers). We have very little control over the wages paid to workers as this is largely dictated by our Clients, however we are confident that our Clients do not set differentials based on gender. 

I am pleased with the overall findings of our report and will ensure that we review and continue to pay all colleagues equally and fairly in relation to their job role. We also pay all workers and employees the National Living Wage based on 25 years of age or older, regardless of their actual age. 

I confirm that all data reported is accurate. 

Oliver Crofton
Managing Director

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