As a Hirer, you can now invite additional users with their own log-in credentials to use the same Hirer dashboard. Creating and managing user details are both done via the Settings tab on the Hirer Dashboard. Each user's contact details are listed in the Users table here, along with the user type and status. You can hover over 'invited' to display the date that the invitation is due to expire. 

Inviting Additional Users

There are currently only 2 user types - Owner and User. Both user types can invite new users by clicking on the button on the top right corner of the Users table. This button will bring up a modal where you can input the new User's full name, email address and phone number.

Once the invitation has been sent, the new user will be added to the table with status 'Invited', and he/she will need to follow instructions in the invitation email sent to activate his/her account. 

Managing Other Users 

Owners own the account, and therefore are able to edit and remove other users, whereas Users can only edit their own accounts, and cannot remove their own accounts. Owners can make someone else the owner of the account, but doing so will demote their own status to 'User'. 

Note: at the moment user emails cannot be edited - if an email address needs to be changed, the user should be deleted and then re-added with the correct email address.

If a user has not yet accepted the invitation, you can re-send the invitation using the 'envelope' icon.

Editing Your Own User

You can edit your own details using the 'edit' icon in the table - you can change your name, phone number and also passwords.

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