Why do I need to complete my profile?

For your job applications and invites to be sent and received by Hirers, you will need to ensure that you have completed the set-up of your profile. This includes carrying out the personality questionnaire (we use this to match you with jobs we think you might like), your personal statement, and your profile photo.

Your Flexy profile is the first impression that Hirers have of you, so it’s really important that you come across as professional in both your personal statement and your profile photo.

What should my personal statement include?

This will be read by Hirers when they are looking for candidates. It should include some information about your work experience, education and the types of jobs you're looking for. Your personal statement should be unique to you and indicate your personality in the workplace. Keep it short but relevant.

We would recommend having a personal statement with 2 – 3 short paragraphs, with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes (this indicates a lack of attention to detail!). You can use this to show off your personality and sell yourself to any prospective Hirers. Think of your Flexy profile as a version of your CV: they aim to achieve the same thing, but with a different format!

Why do I need to have a profile photo?

Your photo will help a Hirer identify you when you arrive for a shift, so it's a vital feature of your Flexy account. We’ve found that a head and shoulders shot against a pale background tends to work best, ensuring you are dressed presentably. This may seem obvious, but please do not use any snapchat filters on your photo – we’re a job app, not social media!

What happens if I do not complete a personal statement or add a profile photo?

Accounts with no profile photo or personal statement will not be activated.

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