What do I do when I arrive at a shift?

Please report to the Hirer upon arrival, and ensure you check-in on the app so that we know you've arrived safely, and on time.

If you are having issues (e.g. if you get lost or you're not sure who to meet), please contact the Hirer directly using the contact information provided in the job details screen.

Why do I need to check-in?

When you arrive for your shift you must 'check-in' on the app, which starts your timesheet and lets the Hirer know you are present for your shift. You should remain 'checked-in' for the duration of your shift, and only 'check-out' when you leave at the end of your shift.

What happens if I don't check-in?

If you don't check-in, then we have no way of verifying your attendance with our Hirer, and we will not receive a timesheet at the end of the day. This means we have no completed timesheet to send for approval at the end of your shift(s). Failure to check in and out on the day of your shift can result in late payment.

Why can't I check-in early?

You won't be able to check-in if you arrive more than 15 minutes early for your shift. This is because your shift time has been planned by the Hirer, and your timesheet cannot be authorised if the time worked does not match the length of the booked shift.

What happens if I check-in by mistake?

You must 'check-out' immediately and then delete your timesheet within the 'My Shifts' timeline within the menu. If you do not, then this timesheet will go into query and your account may be suspended.

Why am I unable to check-in on arrival at my shift?

Please check that you are on a stable internet connection when you attempt to check-in. If this does not work, please send a screenshot of the issue to us via the in-app chat (Contact Flexy), or hello@flexy.com so our tech team can investigate.

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